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Hawaii Appliance Removal

Let Us Trash Your Old Appliances For You

Hawaii Old Appliance Removal

When you buy a new appliance in Hawaii like a range or dishwasher for your home on Oahu you are typically stuck with old appliances that need to be removed. Getting that old refrigerator or stove disposed of is no easy task. Getting it to the dump in Hawaii requires a truck or having to schedule bulk item pickup with the city. Neither of these old appliance removal options are very convenient. Oftentimes they are left on the sidewalk cluttering the area and upsetting neighbors.

The best idea is to have your heavy old refrigerator removed by a junk removal team that will bring it to the dump. This is far more convenient for the Hawaii homeowner. You don’t have to worry about injury this way. You also don’t have to worry about old appliances piling up outside your house. It’s easy to schedule a removal service with us.

Oahu Refrigerator or Stove Removal Service

So when you buy that new refrigerator or range and need to get rid of the old ones be sure to schedule an appointment with Oahu Dump Run. Our courteous and professional junk removal team will come to your home in Wahiawa or Pearl City and pick up that Appliance for you. Call us at 808-435-2385 today and a representative will be able to help you. You can also use our online booking form. It allows you to upload an image of your old appliance so we know what to expect. Looking forward to being of help.