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Furniture / Couch Disposal On Oahu

Hawaii Old Mattress, Desk and Dresser Removal

Honolulu Furniture Disposal


Getting rid of old furniture items in Hawaii can be such a hassle. Do you arrange for the city to come pick up that old mattress or do you bring it to the Oahu dump yourself? Getting a beat up old couch or desk disposed of is a lot of work. These heavy old furniture items needing disposal require a truck at the very least. Never mind some willing friends with spare time! Friends with trucks often pay the price.

Our Hawaii based furniture disposal team can easily remove of your old furniture for you. We will come to your home on Oahu and remove that old couch or loveseat. Maybe you just purged your Pearl City home and have old junk shelving or tables needing disposal to get thrown out.  Don’t leave furniture on your street making your neighborhood look bad. That big broken desk needs to go to the dump and we can help.

In Hawaii and Got Old Furniture That You Need Removed?

Making an appointment for us to dispose of your old dresser is easy. We have a couple options for you. You can either call us directly at 808-435-2385 and we will arrange a disposal time with you on the phone. Or if it’s easier for you, you can always use our online booking form. There you can set up some basic information and we will contact you to set a date for your furniture removal. So when you are in need of old mattress disposal be sure to call us at Oahu Dump Run. We look forward to being your Hawaii junk removal experts.