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Free Junk Car Removal on Oahu

We Can Tow Away that Unwanted Vehicle For Free

Hawaii Junk Car Removal

Let’s face it, Hawaii has many junk cars left either on the side of the road or in front yards. Getting rid of a junk car is not an easy task especially if it does not run anymore. Having to pay back registration fees, keeping up with vehicle insurance, or just auto repairs for an old car can really start costing a lot of money. Towing away that old junk car or truck is often the best way to go. Oftentimes these old vehicles are going to be used for their scrap metal helping keep much of it out of the dump.

At Oahu Dump Run we specialize in the removal and free towing of junk cars or trucks on Oahu. We can tow away your vehicle and have the scrap metal recycled. This tow away service is free for all residents on the island. You do not have to worry about any more complaints from neighbors regarding your broken down vehicles littering your yard. It can be unsightly and actually hazardous too.

Unwanted Junk Cars in Honolulu That Need Removal?

Our free junk vehicle towing service is really easy to use. Once scheduled we will come out and remove all of your Hawaii junk cars without cost to you. You can call or text us at 808–435–2385 to schedule a free tow. Or if you prefer you can also use our online request form. The form allows you to upload images of the vehicles to be towed. So when you are ready to get rid of that junk car Oahu Dump Run is the go-to tow away company.